Monday, 27 February 2012

The secret project

Modular Hex Terrain.

I have been working on this terrain for about a month. It has been a secret project which i felt that i had to succeed with before i reveal it.

This is the table with a little under half of the hexes on it. The table is 48x53 inches i had to use these dimensions to make it 48 in one direction and symmetrical for both directions like the diagram underneath shows. Note the measurements on the diagram are not correct as it is the first schematic i did of my idea.

Each of the hexes are 8 inches from on horizontal to the parralell side. and 50mm thick.
I have made hills, linear obstacles, impassable terrain and some woods which are not yet done.
The whole idea where to create a gaming table table where i could build any type of terrain without having to make new tables for having realistic, rivers, trenches, mountain, coast, ravines, etc. At the same time the terrain had to be easy to play on and change so that no two games would be on the same terrain.

Another objective where to create terrain features which could not be moved accidentally during a game.

To achieve my terrain goal when making woods i used magnets which can bee seen in the next pictures. The trees are from woodland scenic and still need to get their foliage glued to them.

The terrain is still WIP. as i have to paint it and flock it. But i have done most of the hard work with creating the hexes and solving the problems which arises with elevation in miniature games. Below are several pictures showing the scale compared to PP miniatures.


The deathrippers which where some of the firste models i ever painted for Cryx.

The other eHaley

I painted eDenny for a local double tournament. I didn't like her cape so i left it out, She just need some varnish and static grass then she is done.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The humble slayer x4

I painted these guys for my first tiere list. A Mortenbra 35 points list. They just need a coat of varnish and they will be done.

And they are magnetised